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It wasn’t long after my twins were born that I was inspired to create a product that I longed for as a parent but couldn't find. Frustrated by a popular children’s Christmas tradition that didn’t align with my parenting values, I decided to create a new toy option — one that would inspire good values, mindfulness, and empathy in my kids — all year long.


I wanted to design a play experience that would enable early childhood learning of vital core values such as kindness, gratitude, self-esteem, authenticity, and mindfulness. I also wanted that play experience to be fun, shareable, memorable, and lasting. A form of play that would spark meaningful conversations and foster loving connection.


It was from here that WonderWell and The Kindness Mouse™ were born.


I believe that through expressions of kindness, our children feel connected, happier, and have a greater sense of belonging. If there’s one thing that Covid taught us, it’s the overwhelming and timely need for more kindness in our world. The Kindness Mouse™ is a purpose-driven play experience consisting of a storybook, plush mouse character, and activity cards, It inspires children and families to explore kindness through a fun adventure and develop a lifelong love of play for a better world.

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